2023 - 11 - 21

Our apologizes to our community members, but the fdnv.org website provider had been experiencing technical difficulties for the past several months which appear to have been rectified recently. We will be monitoring over the next few days to make sure things are working properly.  Thank you.

2023 - 07 - 05
Air Quality Action Day
A code orange air quality action day has been issued for Allegheny County, and as a reminder to residents, open / recreational burns are not allowed today.

2023 - 03 - 29

Reminder for Open / Recreational Burns

Allegheny County has regulations for open burns; which include but are not limited to the following: what materials may be burned, distance requirements away from objects and/or places, size of the burn area, supervision requirements, etc. 

There are fact sheets and other information on the Allegheny County's Health Department webpage.  North Versailles Township has a local ordinance for open burns, which is published on the ecode360.com website.

Furthermore, as a reminder to community residents, open burning and outdoor fires ARE NOT allowed in Allegheny County on air quality action days.

Regulation Resources

Allegheny County Health Department – Open Burns

North Versailles Township – Open Burning


Air Quality Resources

AirNow.gov Air Quality for North Versailles (Liberty-Clairton Reporting Area)


Air Quality Partnership Forecast - Southwest Ozone / PM 2.5


2023 - 01 - 01

For those individuals who wish to join our department, please download and complete a membership application which may be dropped off at one of our two fire stations.  Individuals may also visit our fire stations.

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